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AXEBow class DAMEN3307 SH2016 series

TOPIC: AXE3307/3507 SH series building instructions

AXE3307/3507 SH series building instructions 4 years 2 months ago #25

The wood building kit contains keel and rafts. Additional space on the lasercut is used for details like the (optional) davit, doors and other superstructure. Location of boulders, railing etc. is indicated on the cutting.

Size may vary from scale 1:100 upto 1:20. Scales from 1:75 and up can be motorised.

The polyster hull is scaled 1:50.

For both building methods there is an additional set of decks and superstructure in 2 choices; civilian or military.

An Arduino Nano has been tamed to do the deck- and navigation lighting, radarmotor and soundhorn. Five standard menu choices can be made from shore using only 1 receiver channel or with buttons on the model itself. The Davit can be made remote-controlled as well.


Make a picture of the complete set before start of the build.
Laser cuts do NOT glue well. Every black edge (charcoal) must be sanded away.

The most recent building tips are in the attached PDF:

Following here is a brief about building the kit.

Fist make a stand, length 30 cm, for the hull.
Keep enough space under the hull for the propellors, rudders and trims.

When placed on the stand the decks must be horizontal.

(To be added at a later stage).

The hull is handmade, the surface is waxed with a release film for the mold.
The hull must be cleaned and sanded before painting.

Place the deck flush and as an inlay into the hull. This will indicate the correct width of the hull and the proper location of the rafters.
The inside of the hull must be sanded too for the rafters to fit well.

Rafter one can be used as a motor frame all along the rear deck.
Use 4mm woodstraws to line-up the rafters correctly.

The horizontal rafter has a housing for a G9 servo for steering.
Two holes indicate the position of the vertical rudder axles.

Some laser cut sheets include the rudders and trimfins.

You can use 3mm axles and 4mm shafts for the rudders.

Slightly offset the rudder axles from the propellor shafts.
This makes it possible to remove the propellor axles for maintenance without removing the rudders first.

The lasercuts for the cabin now include a choice for military or civilian cabin windows.
File the connecting parts to the correct angles.
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