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SAR1906 SH2015 building model

TOPIC: SAR SH2015 Building manual

SAR SH2015 Building manual 5 years 6 months ago #4

SAR SH2015 1:50 building manual version 0.6


This model is for advanced builders. Main goal of the kit is to share the personal efforts to build this remarkable ship and have it improved by other builders input.

The building kit is meant to supply a basic part set with sufficient basic materials for a static display model of a look-alike SAR NH1816 type lifeboat.
The kit design can later be fitted with motors if temporarery shafts are placed.
3mm outer shaft rod is supplied in the kit.

The model was created from pictures and scarce public drawings, not from the original design plans (wharf plans). It will not meet advanced standards.

Advanced builders will already have a basic toolset and preferred glues, paints, etc.

This means that
- this model is not suited for children.
- engines, shafts and propellors are not included
- paint and glue are not included
- tools are not included
- contents of the early kits may vary widely as there is no stock and parts may be unobtainable.

- first releases will have major flaws and are inaccurate in fitting, size and dimensions.

As this building kit is not a professional release it may not meet CE standards. Distribution is on a personal and private basis. Copy rights are expressly reserved so use the kit to build the ship for non-commercial and private use, do not copy the kit.

It is too early to document extensively, this article is meant to get you started.
The forum may help us to share found solutions and enhancements.


Here's a brief run-through to get started. It's merely a direction, not the ultimate way to build. Please share your enhancements on this forum!

If measurements are given, they are based on 1:50 scale;

-Make a photo of the complete kit
-Make a photo of the laser-cut boards and print it for reference and remarks.
-Find a proper, straight plank for a building platform.
-fixate the keel with some balsa pieces
-place the rafters 0 to 15, fixate but do not yet glue.
-extend the front of rafter 15 with 2 balsa pieces to model the nose of the ship.
-use the 3x3mm woodstraw to interconnect the rafters;

-fixate rafter 0 (the rafter with the jet exhaust holes)
-fixate rafter 2 (the big rafter that extends the upper deck)
-interconnect rafter 0 and rafter 2 with a temporarery deck plank
-glue rafter 0, 2
-glue the woodstraws that reach forward, leave 4,5 cm backwards for rafters -1, -2
-replace the rafter 6 with the motor stances if you use non-fitting motors.
-glue rafters 4 to 15 after you checked they stroke well with the wood straws.

-!- The keel tends to bend upwards, keep it down and flat on the building plank.

-glue the balsa nose-pieces to rafter 15
-add the inner woodstraws for the rafters -2 and -4 and extend the straws into rafter 2
-glue the woodstraws to rafter -4, leaving the temporary rafter-joint in place for optimal fixation.

Keel and base are now complete.

At this time the engines, outer shafts and the jet boxes can be built-in.

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There is a separate thread for the building of models scale 1:20 and 1:25
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